Indigenous Construction Resource Group

Guma Pty Ltd (Guma ) is an Indigenous contractor,providing civil and mining services support to iron ore mining companies in the East Pilbara region of WA.

Guma Pty Ltd was established in 2012. The JV is jointly owned and operated by local Nyiyaparli Traditional Owners Raymond Drage, and Victor Parker, and is chaired by prominent Indigenous leader and academic Marcia Langton.

With the support of ICRG’s management team, the Nyiyaparli Directors are building their business capabilities and contributing towards a sustainable future for the north-west Indigenous community. Despite its short history, Guma already has a strong performance record and a large book of short and long-term contracts.

The word Guma means ‘coming together’ in the local language and that’s exactly how the JV works. The local Nyiyaparli Directors of the company and the ICRG management team are working side by side to deliver on our clients’ project objectives, while ensuring Aboriginal communities benefit and contribute to the success of the mining sector.

Guma is Supply Nation certified, acknowledging the company is at least 51 per cent owned, managed and controlled by Indigenous Australians.